Look what we found!

I was a latch key kid. I would get off of the bus and walk 2 blocks south and 1 block east to my house. I would pull out the hidden key and go into the huge house all by myself. For about 2 hours this place was mine. I usually just watched cartoons or other television. Baseball Buddies was a favorite. Many times that would get old. So I would explore…

One day while looking in places that I had no business being in I came across this magical book. At first it looked like an ordinary binder but when I opened it I knew that there was nothing ordinary about it. The first page that I saw was a picture of an old man and his penis hanging out. I can’t remember the joke, but I remember the image it’s one I’ll never forget. When I find it I will be sure to highlight it. I looked through a few pages and it was full of jokes that nobody should say. I loved it. But I had to bolt and get away.

Every chance I got I would sneak into the forbidden area and look through Mom’s joke book. It was an addiction. It also was ammunition. Life at school wasn’t too much fun for me, but I had material. Thanks Mom!

Fast forward to today. I was snooping through her garage looking through things I had no business looking through and came across a glowing light. I moved the light out of the way and there sat 3 binders. 2 red ones and 1 blue. I opened the red one with the Coca Cola logo on the front and realized this was the infamous Mom’s Joke Book. I begged her to let me borrow the books so I could reminisce and I had a revelation. I needed to scan these pages and share them with the world.

These jokes are from a time long past. The time of Beta and 8-tracks, a time where people didn’t give a damn about being politically correct. That phrase didn’t exist. This is a look into the past. There’s some funny shit in here and you have to see it. This is a way to help pay Mom back for everything she’s done. She has been collecting this stuff since 1975 now it’s time to show it off. Have fun.

Here is a warning and my shot at a disclaimer. This book contains dirty material. There are pictures of penises, vaginas, naked kids, naked animals, and other things that you should not look at. They are all in cartoon form, of course. Some of this content, including pictures may be from other sources. I don’t know. If there is copyrighted content on this site, all rights are reserved to the original image owner. We will take down anything we need to, no disrespect intended.

This is for fun!


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